Les Femmes

Lamplighter Award given to those fostering the light of truth in a dark world:

To Bishop Athanasius Schneider whose clear teaching on marriage and family upholds Catholic doctrine and offers an antidote to the ambiguity and confusion of Pope Francis. He writes: “In AL, there are of course expressions which are obviously in conformity with the Tradition. But that is not what is at issue here. What is at stake are the natural and logical consequences of the ambiguous expressions…. Indeed, they contain a real spiritual danger, which will cause doctrinal confusion, a fast and easy spreading of heterodox doctrines concerning marriage and moral law, and also the adoption and consolidation of the praxis of admitting divorced and remarried to Holy Communion, a praxis which will trivialize and profane … at one blow three sacraments: the sacrament of Marriage, of Penance, and of the Most Holy Eucharist.

In these our dark times, in which Our Beloved Lord seems to sleep in the boat of His Holy Church, all Catholics, beginning from the bishops up to the simplest faithful, who still take seriously their baptismal vows, should with one voice (“una voce”) make a profession of fidelity, enunciating concretely and clearly all those Catholic truths, which are in some expressions of AL undermined or ambiguously disfigured. It would be a kind of a ‘Credo’ of the people of God. AL is clearly a pastoral document (i.e., by its nature of temporal character) and has no claims to be definitive. We have to avoid to ‘make infallible’ every word and gesture of a current Pope…contrary to the teaching of Jesus and of the whole Tradition of the Church. Such a totalitarian understanding and application of Papal infallibility is not Catholic, is ultimately worldly, like in a dictatorship; it is against the spirit of the Gospel and of the Fathers of the Church.” And may the Fathers of the Church intercede for this spiritual giant!

Millstone Award given to those who through ignorance or malice scandalize God's people:

To Archbishop Thomas Wenski for attacking the laity as gossips and scandal mongers for exposing the grossly immoral behavior of their pastor, Fr. Pedro Corces. We beg St. Peter Damian, who wrote the Book of Gommorah castigating homosexual sin, to pray for the conversion of Archbishop Wenski, a champion of pederast priests.

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