Les Femmes

Dear Editor:
First of all, I believe I owe for my subscription to The Truth (check enclosed). It is a great newsletter and I thank you for it. Also, I want to commend you for the recent edition in which are listed some of the confusing statements made by the Pope. I am very upset by him and am praying to ask for God’s special help for our Church and our country.

P.S. I enjoyed the Confirmation story.

M.L. Rockville, MD

Dear Editor:
I recently opened the Spring-2016 publication of The Truth. Thank you for mailing me your publication despite the fact that I have not contributed to its support for quite some time. Therefore, I am enclosing a $50 check.

M.J. Manassas, VA

Dear Editor:
Sending you my quarterly gift and thanking you for all that you do on your blog and in The Truth. You’re amazing!

M. G. New York, NY

Dear Editor:
My husband Bob and I are cradle Catholics - in our early 80's - parents of six, grandparents of ten. We are fortunate to be retired in Warrenton and St. John the Evangelist parish…(tho' we do attend the Latin Mass at Holy Trinity about two or three times a month). Even after 16 years of Catholic education, in my case (Mercy nuns in Pittsburgh PA), I never developed a true devotion to the Rosary….Your blog has been the inspiration for our saying a nightly Rosary for the past year or so. Needless to say, we have seen the tangible and spiritual results…as well as from our weekly Adoration hour at the church. "Too soon old, too late smart"!

Am sure you feel humbled and gratified by this admission, but we all believe that the Holy Spirit was ultimately responsible, right? May we all continue fighting the good fight, praying for one another, and believing that Our Saviour will deliver us from the evil in this world. We so miss Pope Benedict XVI!

D. B. via e-mail

Ed: Thanks to our readers for your kind support. You keep the newsletter, website, and blog going!

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