Les Femmes

Ed: This gracious letter arrived with a large packet of material from two octogenarian sisters in Florida. A big thank you for their kindness, especially for the Masses.

Dear Editor:
This should have been in the mail early October, but my sister and I succumbed to colds/coughs and got off schedule. Anyway, you were remembered in 31 Masses this month (October) – hope the graces flowed.

There were items to be copied I could not do earlier, but are now enclosed. I recall your articles about gardening and wanted you to have these articles from my files. We always enjoy your newsletter. In Our Lady,
J.M.K. and M.F.K Sun City, FL

Dear Editor:
I feel like we're living in Puerto Rico.....such a cultural storm....and so much devastation....so quickly.
D.K Lynchburg, VA

Dear Editor:
Thank you for your wonderful newsletter, although it is so sad that much of the news is not wonderful. But you also give us hope. I pray every day to St. Thomas More for our Church. I will sign the petition for Fr. Weinandy – what a shame he was fired. Keep up the good work.
M. L. Rockville, MD

Comment from the blog:
I find it quite telling that the Pope is up in arms about the 'Dubia' which in reality is only asking for clarity. Why is asking for clarity such a slap in his face? WHY will he not answer? What it tells me is that the Pope is indeed trying to change doctrine… via the back door in his A.L. Encyclical, it's as plain as day. I'm afraid his mask is off! TLM

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