Les Femmes

Dear Editor,
We all have our little part to play. We keep pecking away, pecking, pecking, and knowing that in our own little way we are supporting the resistance. Everyone has something to do, this is why we can't retreat. I want to be a thorn to [scandalous bishops]. I want to help bring to light their crimes and help them to remember that WE don't forget. We take away the comfy gig they've had for decades and make them nervous.

Good. They should be. That comfy gig may all go away. Right now we should pray for God's help, inform fellow Catholics about what is going on, ask President Trump to take away the Refugee Resettlement Funds which allow bishops to be financially independent of us and...dodge accountability.

Refuse to put money in the collection until things change. The more pressure the better.


Dear Editor,
Please support the Monday October 21, 2019 Blessed Karl solemn pontifical Mass to be offered by Bishop Athanasius Schneider at Holy Trinity Church, 8213 Linton Hall Rd., Gainesville, VA at 6:30 p.m.

St. Joseph Una Voce Chapter of Northern Virginia

Dear Editor:
[Responding to blog post that Fr. Duesterhaus was cleared of charges and returned to ministry.] That is good news! Fr. Duesterhaus often gave powerful, absolutely faithful homilies at St. Timothy's in Chantilly when I lived there and I always suspected that he was innocent of the charges. I am glad to hear that he has been cleared. Will you email the details to bishopaccountability.org because they still list him as accused?

An anonymous blog reader

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