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***Syncretism on Steroids: A Religious Smorgasbord! Following the Abu Dhabi statement that God wills diversity of religions, the Vatican train wreck is moving full steam ahead with establishment of the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity “tasked with acting on the aspirations outlined in the document. Cardinal-elect Miguel Guixot, head of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue is chairman and the pope’s personal secretary, Monsignor Yoannis Gaid, is a member along with representatives from Islam and Judaism. A committee project, the “Abrahamic Family House,” will be built on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates. Expected to be completed in 2022, the architectural design includes three cubes representing Islam, Judaism, and Catholicism, but Guixot says the “Committee [is] working to broaden the number of faiths [and beliefs] that could eventually be included.” The entire project has a Masonic and gnostic tone. The cube, an important symbol in masonry is described by Alfred Mackey, 19th century author of the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry: The lodge or collected assemblage of masons, is adopted as a symbol of the world. The solid contents of the earth below and the expanse of the heavens above give the outlines of the cube, and the whole created universe will be included within the symbolic limits of a mason’s lodge. The “ashlar,” the stone as it comes from the quarry, rough and unpolished, represents the apprentice stage in freemasonry. As the initiate advances, he becomes the “perfect ashlar,” the smooth and square building stone. The “Abrahamic Family House,” whether deliberate or not, illustrates the masonic world view which desires annihilation of the Catholic Church through treating all religions as equally true (or false).

***Ah C’mon.......Isn’t Freemasonry Just a Bogeyman? Not if you take past popes seriously. Shortly before his death, Pope Gregory XVI received the The Alta Vendita (AV),secret Masonic papers written between 1820-1846. He gave them to French historian Jacques Crétineau-Joly who, in 1859 at the request of Pope Pius IX, published them in his L’Eglise Romaine en face de la Revolucion (The Roman Church Facing the Revolution). Earlier popes from Clement XII (1738) on warned of Freemasonry’s dangers Pope Leo XIII, in his 1884 encyclical Humanum Genus, linked the lodge to socialism and communism. He wrote, “in order to bring more and more into the light [masonic] power for evil, and to do what We can to arrest the contagion of this fatal plague.” To understand the demonic nature of Freemasonry, one need only recall the reign of terror during the French Revolution and the murderous rage unleashed against the clergy and religious orders, especially the genocide of Catholics in the Vendee.

***What Are the Tenets of Freemasonry? Masons are syncretists. As Pope Leo wrote, no one is forced to reject his religion to “induce a far greater number to become members for religion should be held as an indifferent matter, and that all religions are alike. This manner of reasoning is calculated to bring about the ruin of all forms of religion, and especially of the Catholic religion, which, as it is the only one that is true, cannot, without great injustice, be regarded as merely equal to other religions.” Are we not seeing this attitude almost daily coming from the Vatican? Masonry denies original sin with its inclination to evil and exaggerates the “excellence of nature.” Like the organizers of the Amazon Synod who cultivated the myth of the noble savage and called for a new Church “with an Amazonian face,” Freemasons elevate naturalism. Masonry treats marriage as no more than a social contract to be revoked at will. The state must govern the education and upbringing of children. Religion must be banned from the classroom. Pope Leo sums up the ultimate goal which is “to destroy the religion and the Church which God Himself has established, and...to bring back after a lapse of eighteen centuries the manners and customs of the pagans,” what he calls a “signal folly and audacious impiety.” Wow, bringing back paganism? Isn’t that what the synod did with paganism on parade? Leo went on to say, “In this insane and wicked endeavor we may almost see the implacable hatred and spirit of revenge with which Satan himself is inflamed against Jesus Christ.”

***The Alta Vendita Shows the Plan for the Church!    A few statements from the AV expose plans to infiltrate and subvert the Church. “Our ultimate end is...the final destruction of Catholicism, and even of the Christian idea ....We do not intend to win the Popes to our cause, to make them neophytes of our principles....That would be a ridiculous dream....What we must ask for, what we should look for and wait for....is a Pope according to our needs.” Holding the long view, AV’s authors recognized it might take centuries to reach their goal. And, as all tyrants do, they targeted the young. “Leave old people and those of a mature age aside; go to the youth, and if it is possible, even to the children.... [P]ut access to our doctrines into the midst of the young clergy, as well as deeply into the monasteries. In a few years, by the force of things, this young clergy will have overrun all the functions ....[L]ay your snares [nets] like Simon Bar-Jona; lay them in the sacristies, the seminaries, and the monasteries ....and if you do not hurry, we promise you a catch more miraculous than his.....[Y]ou will bring friends around the Apostolic Chair. You will have reached a revolution in tiara and in cope marching with the cross and the banner, a revolution that will need to be only a little bit urged on to set fire to the four corners of the world.” Wow! Their success is obvious!

***You Sound Like a Conspiracy Nut! What Gives? Interesting word – conspiracy. After 1386, dictionaries linked it to the Latin verb conspirare meaning to agree or plot with. But before that conspire came from con (with) + spirare (to breathe). We are seeing, not a human conspiracy, but a satanic one where various groups “breathe” together in the spirit of the world under its prince, Lucifer. Pope Francis, sadly, allies himself with enemies of the Church, not in formal meetings where conspirators whisper around a table, but by words and actions that “breathe with” others committed to undermining religion: Freemasonry, the U.N., United Religions Initiative, Council for a Parliament of the World Religion, liberal groups, etc. A little history enlightens! Pope Francis’ interreligious enthusiasm long preceded his election. He has close ties with the United Religions Initiative (URI), an interfaith movement linked to the U.N. Funded by the Soros and Gates foundations among others, URI blames “fundamentalists” for blocking “peaceful co-existence” and fomenting world violence. URI considers most evangelization “proselytizing.” John Paul II was firmly against the URI seeing its dangers, and in 1997 the Vatican’s Council on Inter-Religious Dialogue under Cardinal Francis Arinze, ignored an invitation from Bishop William Swing (Episcopal founder of URI) to attend their summit. Pope Francis, on the other hand, as cardinal of Buenos Aires, hosted URI’s 10th anniversary celebration for Latin America at the Metropolitan Cathedral in 2007. He stood before the altar with Bishop Swing, Swami Pareshananad (Hindu), Beytullah Cholak (Muslim), Rabbi Sztokman (Jew), Raul Mamani (indigenous religions), and Maria Crespo (Director of Cooperation Circles for URI). Francis is gushingly praised by URI officials.

***But Isn’t “Building Bridges” Between Faiths Good? Properly understood, yes. St. Thomas Aquinas admired the wisdom in Aristotle’s philosophy, for example. Truth in all religions and cultures deserves respect. Jesus Himself praised the faith of the pagan Roman centurion. And much of what URI professes sounds great. But did Jesus teach an I’m okay; you’re okay creed? Is evangelizing bad? Do those who defend doctrine and fight intrinsic moral evils cause wars due to their “rigid” beliefs? One of URI’s initiatives, “Talking back to hate,” teaches “how to model and practice right speech...to respond effectively in the face of hate speech, discrimination and bullying.” This language echoes Orwell’s 1984 and the gay lobby. “Hate speech” muzzles Christians around the world who can be dragged into court for quoting the Bible. No doubt many who work with URI are sincere, and cooperating with other faiths is often good, e.g., fighting U.N. efforts to include abortion language in international documents or cooperating on humanitarian relief efforts. But URI’s goal is more than that. As Bishop Swing told their Global Assembly in 2002, “We see ourselves as a strong catalyst to collect [?] religions and other interfaith groups in a process that leads ultimately to the creation of a United Religions.” [Read Lord of the World by Hugh Benson!] Many of URI’s Charter Principles seem noble, but the devil is in the details and the devil always uses apparent goods to advance evil. URI’S principles include respecting “differences among religions, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions,” welcoming “the gift of diversity” and modeling “practices that do not discriminate.” They stress ecology and equality for women. Consider how liberals interpret these. Is the Church discriminating by not ordaining women? Are we bound to respect “diversity” of genders or the indigenous practice of infanticide? In his well-documented book exposing the URI, False Dawn, Lee Penn gives 14 reasons to oppose the group. Here are several. Most URI leaders describe those defending orthodoxy as dangerous “fundamentalists.” They “habitually equate evangelism—preaching the Gospel — with conquest and manipulative proselytism.” Their rhetoric over many years shows “they are preparing the way for a New Religion, the religion of the ‘sacred earth’....URI ceremonies and worship services demonstrate this syncretism in action.” URI leaders consider themselves the vanguard to create a secular utopia. Their “Hymn for a New Age” says, “We will unite. We will be one. A new light has begun...Man’s brotherhood is born again.” If all this sounds ominously familiar, study the French and Russian revolutions and the Third Reich. Man will save himself; no God needed-- the gospel of progressive liberalism! A major thrust of URI is relativism. Truth is subjective. Their “Call to Global Healing” emphasizes conserving bio-diversity by population control especially in the Third World. URI “takes a feminist world-view for granted” and promotes pantheism and new-age beliefs. In fewer than 20 years, URI has grown to a global movement funded by major foundations and allied with many enemies of the Catholic Church. The “spirit” of the URI and their allies, including Catholic leaders who “breathe together” with them, are a serious threat to the faith and to the common good. Check to see if URI is coming to you. In October 2020 they are holding a “retreat” at their campus in Independence, VA near Roanoke to begin conquest of the “southern Bible Belt – a challenging region to gain interfaith traction.” Poor Virginia! Another attack on the cradle of liberty already reeling under godless Democrat rule!

***Where do we go from here? Listen to the Exorcists!
Four exorcists recently warned Catholics to pray and do penance “for the purpose of driving out any diabolic influence within the Church that has been gained as a result of recent events.” They were talking, of course, about the idol worship at the Amazon Synod. In their statement they said, “These events bring home the reality that (Ephesians 6:12) ‘our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.’ These events bring home the reality that we are in spiritual warfare and that warfare is happening within the Church, itself.” Church alliance with URI is one more battle!

***Is the Diocese of Arlington going COO--COO? Seems like it. They’re advertising for a chief operations officer, another bureaucratic layer between the bishop and his flock. The ad in the Arlington Herald, says the COO “serves as the chief advisor and director of strategic planning for all areas of internal operations and is directly responsible for overseeing the day-to-day administration and staff for the operational offices.” Really! The bishop already distances himself from his sheep. Try to make an appointment or write a letter. You’ll get a response from staff. Are you tempted to ambush the bishop at Confirmation as the only way to get a personal contact? Maybe it’s time to boycott the chancery tax by giving to parish development, the mortgage, the electric bill, direct donations to the seminaries, etc. Stop feeding the bureaucracy! Jesus established a Church, not a corporation. It’s high time our bishops started acting like it!

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