Les Femmes

Dear Editor,
Please accept my apology for not having paid for the last several years of the Les Femmes Newsletters. Thanks for not taking me off your mailing list. God bless all your hard work. May the good Lord continue to give you strength, courage and wisdom to carry on! I don’t always enjoy what I read, but it sure enforces the need for more and more prayer.
E.H. Bethesda, MD

Dear Editor,
Thank you for the fine newsletter and especially for alerting me in Vol. 4 #4 to St. Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castle. Enclosed please find a donation for this year’s publication. I love the paper copies too! G.B. Alexandria, VA

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the recent issue of The Truth – we always find it most informative....It seems Almighty God is punishing a sinful

even beaches here in Florida. Our Lady of Fatima warned us she could no longer hold back the arm of her Divine Son unless people amended their lives and asked pardon for their sins. Instead, we have all the Commandments broken or ignored, and unspeakable evils such as transgenderism foisted upon innocent children.

We are more distressed at the deprivation of our beautiful Masses than we are of the danger of the virus. Unbelievable....The regulations seem to vary from place to place, diocese to diocese. Our FSSP church is closed down completely. The clergy continue to offer private Masses and hear Confessions by appointment, outdoors. Their Masses are available online: LiveMass.net broadcast from Sarasota, FL (our parish); Guadalajara, Mexico; Fribourg, Switzerland; and Warrington, England.
God bless you and your loved ones during these challenging times. J.K. Sarasota, FL

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