Les Femmes

Lamplighter Award Les Femmes often criticizes the USCCB and condemn the Catholic Campaign for Human Development for its promotion of contraception and abortion through grants to evil organizations. But, in justice, we want to recognize two recent statements giving us hope that change is in the air at the Conference. Pray for the bishops!

To Archbishop José Gomez, president of the USCCB, for his Inauguration Day statement affirming that the sanctity of life remains the preeminent priority of the bishops: “For the nation’s bishops, the continued injustice of abortion remains the “preeminent priority.” Preeminent does not mean “only.” We have deep concerns about many threats to human life and dignity in our society. But as Pope Francis teaches, we cannot stay silent when nearly a million unborn lives are being cast aside in our country year after year through abortion. Abortion is a direct attack on life that also wounds the woman and undermines the family. It is not only a private matter, it raises troubling and fundamental questions of fraternity, solidarity, and inclusion in the human community. It is also a matter of social justice. We cannot ignore the reality that abortion rates are much higher among the poor and minorities, and that the procedure is regularly used to eliminate children who would be born with disabilities.” Cardinal Blase Cupich immediately attacked the statement, but no other bishops joined him, a hopeful sign that his ilk are on the wane. Several bishops applauded the statement.

To To Archbishop Joseph Naumann, chairman of the USCCB Committee on Pro-Life Activities, and Bishop David Malloy, chairman of the Committee on International Justice and Peace for their statement condemning President Biden’s gutting of the Mexico City policy: “It is grievous that one of President Biden’s first official acts actively promotes the destruction of human lives in developing nations. This Executive Order is antithetical to reason, violates human dignity, and is incompatible with Catholic teaching. We and our brother bishops strongly oppose this action. We urge the President to use his office for good, prioritizing the most vulnerable, including unborn children. As the largest non-government health care provider in the world, the Catholic Church stands ready to work with him and his administration to promote global women’s health in a manner that furthers integral human development, safeguarding innate human rights and the dignity of every human life, beginning in the womb. To serve our brothers and sisters with respect, it is imperative that care begin with ensuring that the unborn are free from violence, recognizing every person as a child of God....”

We appreciate this, but words aren’t enough. Shepherds need to publicly refuse Communion to Catholic politicians who support the murder of the innocent and to issue public warnings of excommunication under Canon 1326: “A judge can punish more severely than a law or a precept has stated: 1) a person who after condemnation or after a declaration of a penalty [e.g., imposition of canon 915 denying Communion] still commits an offense so as to be prudently presumed to be in continuing bad will in light of the circumstances. Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Tim Kaine, etc. have demonstrated bad will over and over! Do the bishops care about their salvation and the salvation of those they scandalize? St. Ambrose excommunicated Emperor Theodosius for ordering 7000 inhabitants of Thessalonica to be massacred. He didn’t personally kill anyone, but it was he enabled the atrocity. Biden et al are responsible for slaughtering MILLIONS! Isn’t it time to ask our bishops to act to defend life and truth? Souls are at stake!

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