Les Femmes

Dear Editor,

You were sure right about Pope Francis!... Such unbelievable behavior for someone who is supposed to represent Our Lord and uphold Church teachings. Sinful behavior! I totally blame him and the USCCB (minus about six faithful [bishops]) for the nightmare election. Satan truly runs the Democratic Party...and apparently Satan is also running the Vatican and the USCCB!

Thank God for Bishop Strickland, Archbishop Vigano, Archbishop Schneider , and a small handful of Church leaders who have remained faithful to Our Lord’s teachings. The hierarchy need to be held accountable...as will we all.

That sinful Pachamama idol worship started this nightmare and unleashed Satan. I am praying rosaries and novenas around the clock for our Blessed Mother’s intercession. Thanks for all you do to expose the truth!

God bless you,

J.S. New Smyrna Beach,

Editor’s Reply Thank you for your kind note.: The times are certainly disheartening, but you are following heaven’s strategy with the rosaries and novenas. Let us all beg for Mother Mary’s help and do penance for the unfaithful shepherds scandalizing the flock. Sadly, they are many! Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, pray of us.

Dear Editor,

I hope this [donation] helps for another wonderful year of daily mailings [from the blog] and your periodic newsletter in paper. Your publications are a spiritual help for me.

Respectfully, G.B. Alexandria, VA

Editor’s Reply: Thanks so much for the generous donation and especially the kind words. The only reason Les Femmes began was to defend the faith and encourage the often discouraged flock. May God give us all the grace to persevere as soldiers of Christ.

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