Les Femmes

***The Culture Goes Full Dr. Mengele & Dr. Moreau! Human experimentation is a crime against humanity under the Nuremberg Code. Despite that, mad scientists walking in the footsteps of “angel of death,” Dr. Joseph Mengele, continue his legacy unhindered. In fact, the Biden administration recently lifted all regulations on “fetal tissue research” at NIH facilities. They also lifted the requirement for ethics reviews of outside groups seeking government grants for such research. Readers may have read about experiments funded under Anthony Fauci grafting babies’ scalps onto mice. That promises to be just the beginning in the brave new world of Joe Biden and his mad scientists. Protecting the common good, a major obligation of government, doesn’t apply to babies in the womb in the Democrats’ playbook. They champion abortion through all nine months and also embrace the most gruesome experiments on the cannibalized little ones. After all, why let all those organs and tissues go to waste when they can be used for “science.”

***Sadly, Human Experimentation is Nothing New! Nazi scientists weren’t the first to experiment on those they considered subhuman and, in fact, Hitler was inspired by the eugenicists in the U.S. Many are familiar with the infamous Tuskegee syphilis experiments, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. In the early 20th century, eugenics was so popular in the U.S. that county fairs had “fit family” contests. Thirty states passed compulsory sterilization laws. Over 60,000 Americans considered “feebleminded,” or mentally ill or disabled, or who just belonged to the wrong social class were sterilized against their will - 60,000! Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes will forever live in infamy for Buck vs. Bell, the decision upholding Virginia’s compulsory sterilization law which allowed the forced sterilization of Carrie Buck. Carrie, labeled “feeble-minded,” was considered an average student in school. That didn’t matter! Carrie was yesteryear’s equivalent of Bill Clinton’s “trailer trash,” so the “smart” people had no problem deep-sixing her civil rights. Holmes wrote this: “It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind. The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes.... Three generations of imbeciles are enough” Which leads one to ask, “How many imbeciles on the Supreme Court are enough?

**Remember the Eugenics Lab at Cold Spring Harbor! Their eminent scientists led by director, Charles Davenport, believed that, “Society must protect itself... so also must annihilate the hideous serpent of hopelessly vicious protoplasm.” Devenport decried “mongrelization” of the race calling for steps to “dry up the springs that feed the torrent of defective...protoplasm” which apparently didn’t include him. [Planned Parenthood’s eugenicists often call babies in the womb “blobs of protoplasm.”] But how could Davenport’s plan be implemented? “By segregation during the reproductive period or even by sterilization.” And the U.S. did indeed enact mandatory sterilization laws in about thirty states in the early 20th century. Many evil ideas of the eugenics movement came directly from animal breeding. The president of the American Breeders Association, Willet Hays, hosted Davenport at conferences and proposed a world solution for undesirable races. “Eugenics problems are much the same...as the problems of plant breeding and animal improvement. May we not hope to ...lop off the defective classes below, and, also, increase the number of the efficient at the top?” Hays wanted a massive data base giving every person on earth a unique number to trace their lineage and “genetic percentage ratings” so “public agencies” could evaluate the “eugenic value of every family and of every person” and “probable efficiency of the offspring.” Reminds one of the numbered tattoos on the inmates of Hitler’s concentration camps.

***We’re all Guinea Pigs Now! Take the COVID shot! The past offers a big warning to the present. The media propaganda crusade to absolve the Wuhan Lab from involvement in the development and release of the COVID virus is starting to unravel. More evidence is coming out that the virus was deliberately developed through “gain of function” research aimed at making relatively benign viruses more virulent and easily transmittable to humans. Why would anyone want to do that? Dr. Lee Merritt who worked for nine years as a Navy orthopedic surgeon and bioweapons expert, believes COVID was created in the lab and calls the subsequent experimental toxic cocktail a “bioweapon” and “medical warfare.” Conspiracy theory? In 2020 the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) appointed Major General Chen Wei head of the Wuhan lab. Wei, a virologist, formerly led the People’s Liberation Army’s Institute of Bioengineering at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences and is the CCP’s top biowarfare scientist. So what exactly is going on? Elitists in government, medicine, big pharma, media, etc. are subjugating civil rights to advance the “global reset” of world control. Very few ask why there is such a push to get everyone on the planet injected with experimental drugs that have already shown major health dangers, even death, for tens of thousands of human guinea pigs. Dr. Anthony Fauci’s involvement seems criminal, even treasonous! Will anyone be held accountable? That remains to be seen.

***Can they Force Everyone to Submit to the Injection?
They’re sure giving it the old college try – literally since many colleges and universities have announced students must be vaccinated before returning to campus in the Fall. But there’s a glitch. Mandates forcing people to take an experimental drug violate federal law. Title 21 U.S.C. & 360bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(I-III) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act states:

that individuals to whom the product is administered are informed--(I)  that the Secretary has authorized the emergency use of the product; (II)  of the significant known and potential benefits and risks of such use, and of the extent to which such benefits and risks are unknown;  and (III) of the option to accept or refuse administration of the product, of the consequences, if any, of refusing administration of the product, and of the alternatives to the product that are available and of their benefits and risks. (iii)  Appropriate conditions for the monitoring and reporting of adverse events associated with the emergency use of the product.

The CDC’s own vaccine adverse events reporting system (VAERS) has registered thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of hospitalizations among those who’ve taken the shots, including serious heart and blood issues among the young. To push this experimental drug on children, when they are at little risk from COVID, is shocking and irresponsible. The death rate in children is so low statistically it’s almost unmeasurable, so why the almost religious fanaticism to make everyone take the shot including elementary school kids? There’s something going on here, but it has little to do with science! Are modern scientists channeling the scientists and animal breeders of an earlier generation to “lop off the defective classes” starting with the “useless eaters” in nursing home and other “defectives” with underlying health conditions? It’s a question worth asking. It’s especially troubling that so many of those engaged in promoting the experimental gene therapy are linked to population control. One of the studies Dr. Merritt describes involved a 2015 Australian experiment with mice using self-disseminating vaccines to limit their population. Lactating mice transmitted the vaccine to their offspring and all vaccinated mice could transmit it simply by physical contact. The result? Atrophied reproductive organs. Women are reporting changes in their menstrual cycles and miscarriages after either taking the shot or being in contact with someone who has. Just a coincidence? Time will tell.

***On-Going Debate over Sacrilegious Communions: Sooo....the USCCB is debating about whether pro-abortion politicians should be banned from Communion. Really? What’s to debate? Under Canon Law 915 grievous public sinners MAY NOT approach to receive the Body of the Lord. It not only causes grave scandal to the faithful, but it imperils the souls of those committing sacrilege. They might as well drink a bottle of poison. What the poison does to destroy the body, the Eucharist received unworthily does to the soul. As St. Paul warns, those who eat and drink the Body of Christ unworthily, bring judgment on themselves. Some translations say “condemnation.” More bishops are speaking out against notorious pro-abortion politicians presenting themselves for Communion, but how many bishops actually DO anything to prevent sacrilege? All Catholics who publicly proclaim support for grievous sins, whether they are prominent politicians or celebrities or just big fish in the small parish pond, should be refused Communion. It’s one thing to dissent from Church teaching privately. That’s a matter for confession. But those who publicly promote evil by words or actions should be denied Communion for their own welfare. The debate became more public with the dispute between Cardinal Blase Cupich and a minority of like-minded bishops vs. the majority meeting virtually in June for the semi-annual conference of the USCCB. Three quarters of the bishops voted for the Doctrine Committee to draft a statement on the Eucharist to be reviewed at the annual Fall meeting in Baltimore. The Meaning of the Eucharist in the Life of the Church won’t name names and, in fact, isn’t focused on refusing Communion to anyone.

*** Why a USCCB Eucharist Document & Why Now?
According to their website, the bishops say the document will mount “a major national effort to reignite Eucharistic faith in our country.” That apparently doesn’t include urging bishops to implement Canon Law 915 that mandates exclusion of grievous public sinners from receiving Communion. The bishops say on their website:

There will be no national policy on withholding Communion from politicians. The intent is to present a clear understanding of the Church’s teachings to bring heightened awareness among the faithful of how the Eucharist can transform our lives and bring us closer to our creator and the life he wants for us.

Really? What’s the point? The Church already has clear teachings on the Eucharist. Under the rule of subsidiarity, each bishop is responsible to teach, govern, and sanctify in his own diocese. Every bishop has the authority and the duty to ban grievous public sinners from the Eucharist. The bishops do not minister as vice presidents under the USCCB bureaucracy which has ZERO authority! Sad to say, past USCCB statements can be summarized by three words – dissent, confusion & irrelevance. USCCB documents almost always water down the truth, if they don’t actually undermine it like the scandalous Always Our Children on homosexuality which Fr. James Schexnayder, an out and proud homosexual priest, helped to draft. Even if the document on the Eucharist is orthodox, it will not impact men like Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago or Wilton Gregory who heads the archdiocese of Washington, D.C. Gregory was part of the Cupich team and has already said he will not refuse Joe Biden Communion. Despite the fact the president is clearly Out-of-control scientists and unethical laboratory experiments are nothing new. The Wuhan lab has its precedents in our own American history. Is COVID culling the heard and eliminating “useless eaters?” What groups have been hit the hardest by the virus? The elderly and those with underlying health conditions. Eugenics and population control are alive and well in the U.S.

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