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Dear Editor,

For a couple of years I have made it known to Church Militant that despite their willingness to dive into some tough pieces of news, their tone and comportment work against their articulated goal. Their mindless assault on the Wyoming Carmelite Monks was the last straw. I simply can't stand to even go near the site. It is a dumpster fire the stench from which is that of a cesspool -- the same as that emanating from the National Catholic Reporter. Both enterprises are morally rogue. May they endure the same fate.
J. via the blog

Dear Editor, I was kicked off Church Militant's comment box about six weeks ago for pointing out that a comment they had made about the US Episcopate was slander. A Jan. 4 article began: "For 60 years, U.S. bishops, for the most part, have not only been silent on Church teaching, they have also openly opposed it." For the most part bishops for 60 years have opposed Catholic teaching? What, have they denied the Nicene Creed? Have they publicly approved of with a very broad brush. I'm not crazy about the American episcopate, but to make the comment CM did is certainly slander. Church Militant seems to have a very thin skin. Is the point of a comment box simply to gather praise?
P.O. via the blog

Dear Editor, The Voris and Niles show made a big mistake when they started to attack the SSPX with vile hatred. I personally think they made an even bigger mistake when they went after the Carmelites (aka the prayer warriors of the Church). What we're seeing now is an implosion and I say, let it happen, Lord.
A.D. via the blog

Dear Editor, I posted a number of comments about the Wyoming Order that I knew to be true and CM's "reporting" to be slanderous and they deleted all of my comments. Nice that THEY choose the narrative and only want to allow their cult followers [to comment].
C.C. via the blog

Dear Editor, I have never been a regular commenter at CM but nevertheless was banned... about 4 months ago without stating why. Since then I have regularly been solicited for financial support which, obviously, was not forthcoming. How can Catholic websites think they will be supported either by contributing to the comments page or by financial donations if they keep banning their readers? 1Peter 5 had the same agenda & we know how that turned out. Catholics have no obligation to financially support the bank accounts of these upstarts who don't like their articles being criticized. Satan works both sides of the coin, or don't they realize that?
A.M. via the blog

Editor’s comment: We have a Church Militant page on the Les Femmes blog and urge interested readers to check it out and warn friends to skip CM’s biased “reporting.” There are many sites that offer better content covered without bias: LifeSiteNews, The Remnant, Catholic Family News, The Lepanto Institute, The Catholic Thing, Catholic Culture, Crisis Magazine, Defend Life, Restore D.C. Catholicism, etc. And while we’re on the subject, we post a new article almost every day with many issues of interest to Catholics. Why not sign up to receive reminders when new content goes up. If you like the newsletter, you’ll appreciate the blog. Join at https://lesfemmes-thetruth.blogspot.com/ and please share it with your friends. Above all, please pray for us.

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