Les FemmesAuthor Seeks Data on
Vocation Crisis

Michael Rose, author of The Renovation Manipulation which exposed the deceitful practices used to destroy traditional Catholic churches in the U.S., is seeking information for a new book that will examine the Catholic seminary system and its relationship to the "so-called 'vocations crisis,' or 'priest shortage.'" Rose has identified eight major obstacles to orthodox candidates that some seminaries and dioceses use to screen either during the admission process or the seminarian's formation. Among these are the psychological evaluation, acceptance of homosexual practices, promotion of heretical ideas and radical feminism, and lack of attention to traditional devotions, especially the Eucharist.

"I would especially like to hear from recently ordained priests, seminarians who feel they were unjustly 'booted' out of their vocations, and those who could no longer endure the seminary environment," Rose said in a query letter. He requests written accounts, which will be held in strict confidence. "I would like my published work to act as a catalyst for reform of the seminary system," he said.

Rose can be reached at P.O. Box 11260, Cincinnati, OH 45211-0260, (513)661-7009, email: mrose@erinet.com.

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