Dear Readers,

It's important to periodically reevaluate what you're doing and why. Les Femmes began in 1995 in response to an invasion. For years those with heretical beliefs had been chipping away at the faith from within the Church. Nothing new. Response to heresy has been God's way of formally defining many Catholic doctrines. But as wives and mothers, we noticed heresy was being taught in many of our schools, while the fullness of the Faith was consigned to library shelves. Our children were being fed breadcrumbs and water from a poisoned well. Some of us had been poisoned ourselves at so-called Catholic colleges. We recognized what was happening.

Then the invasion escalated. CTA moved into our parish churches, invited by false shepherds failing to guard the sheepfold. We tried to raise the alarm, to no avail. Some of us were already struggling to reclaim lost and confused family members. We refused to let the invaders take our parishes without a fight. So we followed the admonition of St. Paul, put on the armor of God. and held our ground.

The invasion continues and is ever more virulent. In many places around the country laity fight to hold ground against ordained ministers siding with the invaders. (In the case of the renovation movement, laity oppose the literal sacking of their churches.) The battle is a sad reality of our times, but not unforeseen. Jesus said He came to bring division. Unity and peace never come by abandoning truth and justice in the name of compassion. Those who preach that message are either misguided or liars. And so we persevere—in faith, in hope, in truth—doing all, to the best of our ability, in charity.

May God abundantly bless you this Easter season and my sincere gratitude to those who prayed about my arrest at Annandale Women's Center, the abortion mill in Alexandria. Thanks be to God, the police department voided the summons after I met with the Commonwealth's Attorney.

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