Bishop Relies on Verity of Radical Feminists

Thank you for your letter dated October 6, 2000 expressing concerns about the Northwest Catholic Womenís Convocation scheduled for April 27, 2001 at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle. I have met personally with the organizers of this event, which is sponsored by the Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center.

While this organization is an independent group of religious and lay women, with no formal sponsorship by the Archdiocese, I have received the assurance from its organizers that this event will provide "support and inspiration to women who have a strong commitment to living out their faith as Catholic women and will not be controversial in any way."

Relying on the verity of this assurance, I have allowed them to proceed instead of attempting to derail their plans and provide organizers with inordinate publicity.

Thank you for your interest in this matter.

With warmest regards and best wishes,
Most Rev. Alex J. Brunett
Archbishop of Seattle

Speakers at this event include some of the most radical feminist dissenters in the Church. We understand Bishop Brunettís desire not to give inordinate publicity, but the promises of dissenters arenít worth a plug nickel! Once again, the flock is at the mercy of the wolves. Ed

God Will Judge Us For What We Fail To Do

It is interesting that you mention how bad Gore is but fail to mention George Wís position. He wonít appoint prolife judges. He promises to sign a partial birth abortion ban he knows will be overturned by the Supreme Court. He promises to sign a parental consent bill knowing the one he signed in Texas was overturned by judges he appointed. He will ignore the platform and his running mate is backing up into Wís position as fast as he can using his lesbian daughter to campaign for them in the homosexual community.

Pat Buchanan not only will appoint prolife judges but will also use the bully pulpit of the presidency to get a constitutional amendment guaranteeing personhood to the unbornÖThis is probably the last chance God will give us to save our country. Remember he will judge you for WHAT YOU FAIL TO DO! Illeen Reninger

Front Royal, VA

A few readers condemned my opinion that it was morally permissible to vote for George Bush. The question is moot at this point. Hopefully, we all agree we must pray and fast for our political leaders, good or bad. Ed

Newsletter is an "Eye-Opener" Reader Says

Your Summer 2000 newsletter reached my mailbox recently. What an eye-opener! We are a self-centered convenience-oriented society since the 1960s. The fact that a person can address the Democratic Convention saying, "Iím a gay woman and a Democrat," and the crowd applauds with approval is an indicator of how low our society has become.

The liberal agenda is to force normal, wholesome people to accept same-sex relationships as normal. To align sexual orientation with racial equality and religious freedom is a put-down to all races and all religions. Thereís no such thing as sexual orientation. What it is, is deviant behavior! The liberal agenda is to get the country to accept their way of thinking and the fact that their thinking is flawed doesnít de-rail them. They have no conscience and see no sin in their choices. Why should we follow and accept their ideology?

How about this for a bumper sticker: Liberals Want Your Company in Hell, or Liberalism? Donít Explain it to Me, Explain it to God. Most liberals donít believe in God and therein lies the problem. They are accountable to no one and look at how much damage they do to society. Arenít the Clintons and all liberals in for the shock of their life when they have to explain their actions to God upon their death. Liberals should think more about their eternal life instead of the here and now. Mary Whelan Daytona Beach, FL

We refer readers to Liberalism is a Sin by Fr. Felix Sarda y Salvany published by TAN Books for a better understanding of the devastating impact of the liberal philosophy. Ed

Omaha Gal says "Hats off!" to Les Femmes

I am from Omaha, Nebraska, and I say "Hats off" to you gals! I am so richly blessed to live amongst a number of beautiful Orthodox Catholic women here. We have the fraternity of St. Peter, young vibrant, beautiful priests at our conservative Catholic parish of St. Patrickís, and we just had 500 attend a Call to Holiness Conference here in September. I understand that our "outspoken" (Praise God!) Archbishop [Elden Curtis] will host a Eucharistic Congress in 2002.

May Our Dear Lord richly bless each and every one of you. Keep serving Him! I love you gals already! Pat Adams

Omaha, NE

Schismatic Priest & Female Celebrate Eucharist for CTA

In a move guaranteed to cement their apostasy, Call to Action has scheduled a day of reflection with "Eucharist Celebration" March 24th at First Presbyterian Church in Arlington led by excommunicated priest, Fr. James Callan and his associate, Mary Ramerman.

Ramerman and Callan became the center of controversy in 1998 for their heretical actions at Corpus Christi parish in Rochester, N.Y. which included women at the altar reciting the Eucharistic prayer, inviting non-Catholics to receive Communion, and blessing gay unions. In an attempt to reestablish control over the renegade parish, Bishop Matthew Clark, not known for orthodoxy, reassigned Callan in August í98. His replacement, Fr. Enrique Cadena, continued the disobedient behavior. In October Ramerman was fired when she refused to stop wearing a stole and "concelebrating" at the altar, actions reserved to priests.

Callan returned to Rochester refusing to recant his positions or obey the bishopís order not to discuss the issues. He was suspended from exercising his priesthood December 7th and agreed to follow the bishopís order to stop celebrating Mass and offering other sacraments. A few weeks later he, Ramerman, Cadena, and a group of Corpus Christi parishioners set up shop at Salem United Church of Christ. In February the diocese of Rochester declared them in schism and announced that anyone joining the illicit parish incurred automatic excommunication. CTA, in fostering this disobedience, continues in the spirit of the Protestant revolution. Pray for these poor deluded souls.

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