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Celebrate Eucharist for CTA

In a move guaranteed to cement their apostasy. Call to Action has scheduled a day of reflection with "Eucharist Celebration" March 24th at First Presbyterian Church in Arlington led by excommunicated priest, Fr. James Callan and his associate, Mary Ramerman.

Ramerman and Callan became the center of controversy in 1998 for their heretical actions at Corpus Christi parish in Rochester, NY which included women at the altar reciting the Eucharistic prayer, inviting non-Catholics to receive Communion, and blessing gay unions. In an attempt to reestablish control over the renegade parish. Bishop Matthew dark, not known for orthodoxy, reassigned Callan in August '98. His replacement, Fr. Enrique Cadena, continued the disobedient behavior. In October Ramerman was fired when she refused to stop wearing a stole and "concelebrating" at the altar, actions reserved to priests.

Callan returned to Rochester refusing to recant his positions or obey the bishop's order not to discuss the issues. He was suspended from exercising his priesthood December 7th and agreed to follow the bishop's order to stop celebrating Mass and offering other sacraments. A few weeks later he, Ramerman, Cadena, and a group of Corpus Christi parishioners set up shop at Salem United Church of Christ. In February the diocese of Rochester declared them in schism and announced that anyone joining the illicit parish incurred automatic excommunication. CTA, in fostering this disobedience, continues in the spirit of the Protestant revolution. Pray for these poor deluded souls.

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