Prayers from Pennsylvania Pastor

I read your newsletter edition after edition. It is wonderful.

I wish that you had a branch here in Philadelphia. Keep up the good work and know that you are in my prayers.

Rev. Herbert A. Bevard
Pastor, St. Athanasius Catholic Church

Philadelphia, PA

Thank you, Father, for your prayers which we greatly appreciate. While Les Femmes has no branches we network with sister organizations around the country. We refer PA readers to Daughters of Mary in Philadelphia. Contact Eva Brothers, 4313 Baltimore Ave., Phila., PA 19104 evabros@aol.com. For other groups like ours visit our links page: www.lesfemmes-thetruth.org Click on Links.

Reader Hopes for Demise of Amchurch

I just finished reading "The Truth" and I would like to say that it has given me great hope that the "American Catholic Church" will not prevail but will eventually die. You are doing an unbelievable task for the Roman Catholic people, I hope that you can continue.

Timothy Germann
Mission Hills, CA

Reader Urges Lamplighters for Pastor, etc.

Iíd like to submit candidates for Lamplighter Awards. Last year during Lent our parish, St. William of York, had three Masses a day despite having only two priests, Fr. Charles Merkle and Fr. Andrew Fisher. In addition we had Confession almost every day before the Masses and always the "Prayer to St. Michael" after every daily Mass.

I also nominate Dan Lynch of Vermont, who in addition to being guardian of a traveling image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is soliciting volunteers each of whom is asked to make a novena of nine Holy Communions for one of our national leaders (Senators, Representatives, etc.) Itís called the Adopt-a-Leader program and its purpose is to increase angelic protection for our leaders and our country.

I know itís a difficult and sometimes thankless task to walk the fine line between detraction and warning the faithful about dangers to their faith (or calling their leaders to account!) But you all just keep up the good work! Thanks and God bless you.

Rosalie Dancause
Dumfries, VA

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