Les Femmes Book Exposes Priest Shortage Fraud

If you have high blood pressure take your pills before you open Goodbye! Good Men: How Catholic Seminaries Turned Away Two Generations of Vocations from the Priesthood. Mike Rose, author of The Renovation Manipulation and Ugly as Sin, which exposed the conspiracy to destroy beautiful Catholic Churches, has done it again. This book will make you angry...no...enraged as you see the very deliberate effort to screen out orthodox candidates to the priesthood who support the Pope and Magisterium and replace them with active homosexuals and those who support women priests and other liberal ideas.

To understand the sex abuse scandals breaking in dioceses all over the United States, read the chapters on the "Gatekeeper Phenomenon" and the "Gay Subculture" first. Homosexual abuse coming from the clergy is the inevitable result of recruiting active gays and training them at seminaries commonly known as "Notre Flame" (New Orleans), the "Pink Palace" (St. Mary's in Baltimore), and "Theological Closet" (Theological College at Catholic U).

Rose gives specific examples of psychologists whose evaluations deep-sixed the vocations of many good men. One, Dr. Joseph Wicker, is a Worshipful Master of Masonic lodge 642 in Cincinnati. When alerted about this in 1994 by Les Femmes member, Joe Strada, Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk wrote back praising Wicker's degrees and calling his Catholic theology "extremely strong!" Wicker himself, who rejected more men than he recommended, calls all religions "narrow-minded."

Pilarczyk's response is typical of the negligent culpability of the hierarchy. One of the most important responsibilities of a bishop is seminary formation of his priests. If a bishop doesn't know what's going on in his seminary, he is culpably ignorant. But are bishops really unaware of the heterodox faculty, the immoral textbooks (even pornography), the persecution and sexual harassment of orthodox men? Rose gives situations in dioceses all over the country: New Orleans, Cincinnati, Chicago, Oregon, Boston, Baltimore, San Diego, Detroit, Covington, San Antonio, Davenport. The cases indicate a corrupt system aided and abetted by many in the hierarchy. If parents treated their children the way the bishops have treated their seminarians they would be up for charges in family court.

Every Catholic serious about the faith must read this book and pass it on to others. Mike Rose has done a tremendous service for the Church by exposing the diabolical infection poisoning her. His book graphically illustrates what Archbishop Elden Curtiss of Omaha said of the vocations 'crisis.' It is "artificial and contrived...precipitated by people who want to change the Church's agenda...who actually discourage viable candidates from seeking priesthood." Order Goodbye! Good Men today. Buy two copies and give one to your pastor. Visit the feedback portion of the Goodbye! Good Men website; it's an eye-opener. http://www.goodbyegoodmen.com/feedback.html. To order: Call toll free: 1 (888) 260-6283.

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