***Diocesan Priests Aid CTA Termites:

According to an e-mail from CTA [Call to Action] activist, Rea Howarth, which a friend forwarded to us, the group is still in hot pursuit of girl altar boys. We quote: “Subject: Pastors Say Keep The Letters Coming to Bishop Loverde – Recently, several priests who support altar girls have told us that we need to step up our efforts to write to the bishop. One, Jerry (sic) Creedon, told parishioners during a Sunday homily that if we want girls on the altar, we must write to Bishop Loverde. He said that the majority of priests in the diocese favor opening altar service up to girls, but that a small group of priests are holding the issue hostage. [Baloney! There’s a more accurate word, but les femmes are too modest for such vulgarity!] He urged us to write, saying if we want to see a change, we have to really must (sic) let the bishop know and that great numbers of us need to write. [Doesn’t Father know the bishop doesn’t like letter campaigns?] …Last week, another pastor [We can guess who.] told CTA board member Bridget Mary Meehan [who plays priestess at feminist liturgies in her basement] that the issue of altar girls did not come up at the monthly meeting with priests, even though the topic they were discussing was the liturgy. I'd also like to remind you that last year, a lot of us got heartburn [Violins, Maestro!] because the bishop put out the word that women were not to be included in the footwashing ceremony during holy week. [Thank you, Bishop Loverde, for telling your sons to follow the rubrics.] So, with that little reminder of the misogyny rampant in this diocese, let's put more pressure on.” [No, Rea, mysogyny is promoting the murder of little women in the womb. When will CTA address that? Oops, we forgot…CTA supports individual conscience for abortion, contraception, sodomy, marriage after divorce, etc. But altar girls? That’s a matter of faith – no dissent allowed!]

*** Speaking of Father Creedon

we decided to visit the website for his parish, St. Charles Borromeo in Arlington. There we found the April 7th bulletin advertising a “Pax Christi Lenten Retreat” on April 12th and 13th [In the Easter season?] featuring dissident lapsed Catholic, Washington Post columnist Colman McCarthy. [?????] Pax Christi has been undermining the teachings of the Church for years while they promote liberation theology and socialism. Not surprisingly, St. Charles links to Pax Christi USA; also NETWORK, a so-called “Catholic” social justice lobbying group. Among NETWORK’s “Catholic Justice Partners” is [guess who?] Call to Action. St. Charles also links to National Catholic Reporter and Sojourners, two ultra liberal rags, and to Holy Trinity Parish in Georgetown, an incubator for the women’s ordination movement and a parish with a long history of radical dissent. They once had Barnum and Bailey visit for a “Circus Mass” with clowns running up and down the aisle and acrobats doing their thing in the sanctuary. [This is not an April fool joke, you can see the photo and article at: http://www.tboyle.net/University/Ignatian_Society.html. As for Fr. Creedon, well, it all goes to show - you don't need to hold CTA meetings in your parish to promote their agenda.]

*** Catholic Charities' Counselor is Pro-Abort Escort!!!

As if Cardinal Law didn’t have enough on his conscience the Director of Counseling Services at the Dorchester, MA CC [Catholic Charities] facility, Howard M. Brown, volunteers on Saturdays as a Planned Parenthood escort. When Fr. Peter West of Priests for Life spoke to CC spokesman, Maureen March, about it, “she was very rude and said that this was strictly an internal matter…that Catholic Charities serves the whole community not just Catholics. When I asked her if the unborn were part of the public she said she didn’t have to talk to me and hung up.” [Now just where do you think Mr. Brown sends women in crisis pregnancies when they come to CC for help? We echo Fr. West’s admonition, “Do not give a dime to Catholic Charities until action is taken on this matter.” Even if Mr. Brown is fired, would you trust the Dorchester CC and Maureen March?]

*** It's Official: Killing is the Cure!

Doctors in the Netherlands have been murdering patients for years with impunity. But on April 1st [No, this is not an April fool joke either!] the country acquired the additional distinction of being the first nation in the world to legalize physician murder of terminally ill patients including 12 to 16 year-old children (with parental permission). But that ain’t enough for the death peddlers who want to expand the law to include the non-terminally ill. What a boon for the tourist industry! Imagine the ads: “Visit the land of tulips and windmills. Enjoy scenic Amsterdam from your air-conditioned bus equipped with i.v. hookups. Join our lawyer for “lunch on the canal” to update your will. Select from five-star restaurants for your last meal. Funeral included in base price, optional upgrade for oak casket with brass fixtures. Compassionate M.D. on every tour. Economy packages (plain pine box) available as gifts from next of kin. Call Way Out Tours, 1(800) DIE GLAD. Make your last trip your best!” [Darn! We just got an item about an Italian tourist agency that already thought of this. Not to worry, though, a spokesman for the Netherlands says they will not become a death mecca because safeguards require patients to have a “relationship” with their doctor. Ah yes, we recall the relationship “between a woman and her doctor.” Writing satire is definitely tough these days!]

***Tales from the Asylum: Adventures in Post Christian Paganland. Here are some real-life stories showing the loonies’ takeover in the U.S. First example: Chris Klicka, Senior Counsel for HSLDA [Home School Legal Defense Association] recently attended a Virginia CLE [Continuing Legal Education] class to become a “guardian ad litem.” Licensed clinical social worker, Kathleen Nussbaum, spoke on abusive and neglectful families identifying three “family types.” The first was the “Inadequate…characterized by a chaotic environment…often with overt alcohol or drug problems.” The second, described “in an incredibly offensive way” according to Klicka, was labeled the “Religious and Authoritarian Family Type.” Reading from printed material used throughout the state, Nussbaum defined these families as having “a strong focus on male leadership, with strong church involvement….They use their religious authority, as well as Scripture, to maintain control.” The third type was the “Rigid and Controlling Family” who have extremely high expectations for their children. Klicka said 85% of home schooling families could fall into the 2nd and 3rd categories. [We know the Communists called religion the opium of the people, but for VA to equate Christian parents with druggies and drunks…we’re speechless!!] HSLDA said this may explain why social workers tend to “target” home school families. [Hmm…maybe this is really about getting kids out of those dangerous Christian families and into loving lesbian homes like Rosie O’Donnell’s.”

***And Next: HoJo's Hosts "Beat Me in St. Louis" Most Americans think of Howard Johnson as a family hotel chain with down-home cooking and lots of ice cream flavors. Think again. A St. Louis franchise rented all 171 rooms for the “St. Louis Bash,” from April 26-28. The homosexual orgy will feature “demos, seminars, and workshops covering caning, flogging, single-tail whips and other hands-on demos and seminars suited for people who are relatively new to the lifestyle as well as for those with a great deal of experience.” [Please don’t use your imagination on this one. Hmmm…would you want to sleep in the bed, or use the bathroom on the Monday after? Yikes! Would you want to be the poor maid who had to clean the room? We contacted Bishop Rigali to see what action the diocese of St. Louis is taking. We’re still waiting for a reply. Please protest: See Action Box pg. 6. It’s all about money; don’t give any to HoJo’s.]

***Marriott Defends S & M Orgy Too Not to be outdone by HoJo’s, Marriott in Manhattan Beach, CA booked a “leather” sex club April 12-14th who describe themselves as the “country’s only event to focus on developing and strengthening the leadership and management skills of our SM/Leather/Fetish community leaders and activists.” [Uh…We’re clueless…Are they talking about how to manage your whip collection and keep your blades sharp?] Does Marriott have any problem with hosting sick orgies with bondage and sado-masochism workshops? Not according to the manager, Robert Thomas, as long as they can pay for it. An e-mail to company headquarters got this response, “rooms are available without judgment to groups demonstrating an appropriate method of payment.” The Bible doesn’t say the love of money is the root of all evil for nothing. [Don’t give any to Marriott!]

***Yikes! Two More at Hilton and Ramada This is getting tiresome. “Tribal Fire Oklahoma” is an S & M affair for the National Leather Club April 19-21. The Hilton says they can’t discriminate and welcome the event with workshops like “Suturing & Cutting,” “Body Punching,” “Humiliation and Objectification,” “Branding,” “Puppy Play,” “Pervertables,” and “Whips 101.” And the Ramada O’Hare in Chicago hosted one in February called “My Vicious Valentine.” [We know this is beginning to sound like a joke, but it’s dead serious. Gosh, maybe it’s time to buy a camper!]

***Mainstreaming Perversion! That’s what this is all about and the “leather” S & M club is very open about it. They’ve applied for tax exempt status because it will lend them legitimacy. Gays (sick…oops, sic) are already a privileged and socially protected class in this country, but pedophilia is the up-and-coming new kid on the block. And it ain’t just being promoted by fringe groups like NAMBLA [North American Man-Boy Love Association] whose motto is “Sex before eight or else it’s too late.” The academic elite has jumped on the bandwagon coining new terms like “intergenerational” and “adult-child” sex to reduce the stigma. The University of Minnesota is getting ready to release a book by Judith Levine called Harmful to Minors: the Perils of Protecting Children from Sex. [Tax dollars help pay for this.] The intro is by Joycelyn Elders, Clinton’s notorious Surgeon General. Not content with teaching children to play with themselves, Elders and Levine think it’s a-okay for adults to do it to them. Pedophiles aren’t a problem to Levine, it’s the “conservative religious agenda that would deny minors all sexual information and sexual expression." [That’s us, folks. We’re the abusers.] And Levine isn’t an isolated kook. A 1998 article in the Psychological Bulletin reviewed 59 studies of college students who reported childhood sex experiences with someone their own age or significantly older. Authors Bruce Rind of Temple University, Robert Bauserman of the University of Michigan, and Philip Tromovitch, then a doctoral student at the University of Pennsylvania concluded that negative effects “were neither pervasive nor typically intense.” They suggest a child’s “willing encounter with positive reactions” be called “adult-child sex” instead of “abuse.” [Interesting… “adult-child sex" is no problemo - unless the adult is wearing a Roman collar.]

***Verbal Engineering Precedes Social Engineering. We are being groomed linguistically for all-out societal acceptance of every debauched lifestyle conceived in the wicked heart of man. The insane society at one and the same time will condemn the priest sex abuser while declaring such abuse is fine for everyone else. Short of a miracle, normalization of pedophilia and bestiality are coming. Look at the history of the Roman Empire and the French Revolution if you don’t believe it. [Remember the Marquis de Sade?] But don’t lose heart. Where sin abounds, grace abounds more. The virtue of chastity shines like the sun in a world satiated with lust and consumed by self-loathing. Christians once again will witness by the way we “love one another,” rather than abusing others. So renew your devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Fight with all your strength the evils of contraception and classroom sex education which are among the root causes of our cultural meltdown. Hold your children and grandchildren close to your hearts and teach them Catholic doctrine. As Fr. John Hardon often said, only heroic Catholic families will survive. Make sure YOUR family fits that description!

***It’s 11:00 p.m. Do you know where your bishop is? Pray and fast for the clergy, especially for good priests discouraged by the continuing litany of scandals. Mary, Queen of the Clergy, pray for them.

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