Current Scandals = Attack from Devil

With regard to the current scandals among the clergy, as I see it, in the end, it all boils down to an attack from the devil. The devil knows that the Catholic Church is the “true” church of Jesus Christ and all other Christian denominations are simply off-shoots of it. He has already accomplished his task with them. He was successful in breaking them away from Mother Church and the sacramental blessings that are attached to Her. He knows the Catholic Church is the only thing standing in his way and acting as a buffer for humanity. He knows if the Catholic Church falls, the other Christian faiths will be very easy to topple. It’s just like anything in life. For example, if you want to defeat any enemy, you don’t continually fight them around their periphery forever. You eventually attack the core of the enemy’s stronghold (in the devil’s case its’ the Catholic Church). Why do you think you very rarely ever hear of the abuses, etc. perpetrated by other Christian denominations? My answer is that the devil has already accomplished his mission with them and is now focusing on his real enemy (at the core), the Catholic Church.
But have courage because we have Christ’s promise that the gates of hell shall never prevail against His Church. Bear in mind these are my thoughts and not anything I’ve ever seen promulgated by the Catholic Church.

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Hopeful Reader Seeks Sane Woman!

I came upon your web site and I had to pinch myself. I could not believe you were for real. Reading some of your articles gave me hope again for the sanity of women. You strike me as fair and honest, something I had begun to feel was gone in women. So thanks for your efforts, you are wonderful. Do you have any women in Long Beach, CA, looking for a husband. Any woman belonging to your organization must be a fine person. Ah to meet one...... Thanks really.

Robert J. Schmitt
Long Beach, CA

Les Femmes is thinking of starting a Catholic dating service. Requirement to participate – sanity. Will be tested by devotion to Church and sacraments. Unfaithful clergy need not apply. Our sane women are not interested in stealing you from God. Ed

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