Dear Readers,

Whatever happened to outrage? Has “tolerance” killed it? Wouldn’t outrage be an appropriate reaction to discovering the dean of students at Paul VI High School, an employee since 1999, is a sado-masochist and an activist to boot? Where are the words “betrayed” and “shocked?” Is the principal’s reaction, “I don’t know how he could continue in his job and not have kids harass him.” normal? Was he fired for his own protection? Should we schedule sensitivity training for the kids so he can stay? Is there no concern that students quoted in the Post thought firing him was unnecessary? Would anyone like a picture of “Mr D.C. Eagle 1984” with “his boy Randie” on his lap from the 2002 American Brotherhood Weekend? Randie can’t be much older than the seniors at Paul VI.

At Bishop O’Dowd High School in Oakland, CA recently parents defended their kids’ coach, a woman in the process of morphing into a man. They want to keep her/him. (What pronoun do I use?) Is it any wonder homeschooling is thriving? I rarely watch TV, but attended a Superbowl party at my son’s house. Between commercials and the halftime show I was so nauseated. I went and played with the grandkids. (Thankfully, they’re all too young to care about football.) Where is the outrage in our culture?

Catholics above all should be asking that question. The scandals over priestly homosexual abuse showed ZERO outrage amongst the bishops and cardinals who moved the murderers of innocence around. They had compassion all right, but not for the kids. And not for the abusers either. Does tolerance of sin lead anyone to repentance?

Some say anger biases my outlook. Maybe so, but there’s a place for righteous anger. It stirs one to fight for the good, whether it’s the faith or unborn babies. St. Jean Baptiste de la Salle says, “There is a holy anger, excited by zeal, which moves us to reprove with warmth those whom our mildness failed to correct.” Dead consciences don’t resurrect easily. To see real anger read E-mail From Heaven. Then pray God sends us some angry men as priests and bishops. Maybe then we’ll see reform in the church in America.

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