Les Femmes Fr. Jerry Pokorsky Assigned to Diocese of Lincoln, NB

We received word a few weeks ago that one of our dear priests, Fr. Jerry Pokorsky, would be leaving the diocese, in July. Fr. Pokorsky founded Credo and Adoremus, organizations for priests and the laity, focusing among other things on restoring reverence (and good music) to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. If you use the Adoremus Hymnal you can thank Father Polorsky and his associates. We wish you Godspeed, Father, as you leave for Lincoln. Please carry the people of Arlington in your heart and don’t stay away too long. The letter below was printed in the St. Peter’s Mission parish bulletin.

Your Excellency:

Peace of Christ! In connection with our meeting on Tuesday, May 6, I am writing to confirm my acceptance of Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz’s request that I be appointed the diocesan financial administrator for the Diocese of Lincoln. I understand that the effective date is July 1, 2003 and that you will be writing a letter of release sometime soon. I will remain a priest incardinated in the Diocese of Arlington, on assignment to Diocese of Lincoln for 3 to 5 years….

You made it clear that the decision to accept Bishop Bruskewitz’s offer was my own. You also are allowing for a good deal of flexibility on the part of all parties if things do not work out as planned in Lincoln. In other words, I am confident that Arlington remains my home and I would be welcomed back at any time. I am very grateful for your solicitude. Please be assured that I accepted the assignment after a good deal of prayer. I’m sure you know how unsettling it is to surrender to the uncertainty of a major change within a priestly vocation.

Throughout my priesthood, I have never requested an assignment, always accepting my vocation in response to the decisions of the Bishop. In accepting Bishop Bruskewitz’s request as a middle-aged priest, I am convinced that I would be more fully serving the Church through the exercise of my God-given talents. I have never been happier as a priest than here at St. Peter’s. I love the people and the community and it will be difficult to part ways. I will also be parting company with so many fine priest-friends here in Arlington. As I pray that God‘s will be done, I commend my decision to Divine Providence. I am also hoping that our discussion and my departure will spark an increased pastoral concern for the Mission. Since the Mission has grown larger than several other parishes in the Diocese and is financially solvent with nearly $300,000 in savings, I hope that the priest who replaces me will preside over the erection of the Mission as a Parish and will himself be named pastor according to the norms of canon law. It will do much to bring pastoral stability to Rappahannock County. You will be amused to hear that our first private meeting since your arrival as the Bishop of Arlington four years ago took place this week on May 6, my 49th birthday. It was a good day to come to a resolution on Bishop Bruskewitz’s request. Thanks again for your kindness during our meeting. You and the good people of St. Peter’s Mission will remain in my prayers. Sincerely in Christ, Rev. Jerry J. Pokorsky

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