***Say no to CCHD-Catholic in name only
A few years ago the Campaign for Human Development added “Catholic” to its name following controversy over grants to organizations supporting abortion and filtering money to political campaigns of pro-abort Democrats. Did a new name mean real change for the annual collection that takes in beaucoup bucks from people in the pew? Not according to researcher Stephanie Block. CCHD continues to fund projects around the country with direct links to abortion. In a devastating article, CCHD: Weapons Serving the Culture of Death, published by the Wanderer Forum Foundation, Block follows the money to its less than charitable ends. “CCHD's Annual Reports show that well over one third of the national CCHD grants awarded go to Alinsky-style networks of community organizations,” she writes. “The largest and most generously funded by the CCHD of these networks are the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), Pacific Institute for Community Organizing (PICO), Direct Action and Research Training Institute (DART), Gamaliel, and ACORN.

“Alinsky-style community organizations do not provide direct services to relieve the suffering of the poor nor do they provide economic development grants for the poor. Rather, they organize institutions (particularly faith-based communities like churches) to fight for political power.” See complete article

***It ain’t marriage and it ain’t gay! The sodomite community is gloating over the latest U.S. Supreme Court insanity, also known as Lawrence vs. Texas. Marriage is their next target and eminent Catholic lawyer Charles Rice says same-sex “marriages” are coming. Who can doubt it? Canada’s courts have foisted it on their nation already and the U.S. invariably imitates the worst follies of our northern neighbor. [Canada demonstrates that cold weather and insufficient daylight make you crazy, which explains why Massachusetts and the other northeastern states send so many loonies to Congress.] In some places (e.g., California) same-sex couples already have the legal rights of marriage. So why fight for legal status? Easy – sodomites want more than rights; they demand approval. Evil is never satisfied until it forces everyone to call it good. That’s what “hate speech” legislation is all about. Expect persecution. It’s coming. Pray for the strength to persevere and grow in holiness.

***Sodomite relations – unfaithful & short. Dr. Maria Xiridou of the Amsterdam Municipal Health Service published a study in May based on health records of young Dutch homosexuals. Reporting in the journal AIDS, Xiridou found men in homosexual relationships average eight partners a year (our emphasis) besides their main heartthrob. Sodomites say their promiscuous image is an unfair "stereotype.” It also happens to be true.

***While we’re on the subject of sodomy, we deplore the election of so-called Catholic pro-abort, pro-sodomite Ahhnold as new Guv for CA. The great recall victory evaporated when pro-family voters lost their nerve and abandoned pro-life protestant Tom McClintock at the Republican establishment’s insistence that “he can’t win.” Polls showed otherwise two months pre-election, but the CA elephant party [maybe they should swap for the jackass] conspired to downplay and hide The Terminator’s anti-family views. True Lies co-star Jamie Lee Curtis says, “even though [Arnold] pretends to be a Republican, I think he’s a social Democrat at heart.” [No argument there!] Fellow actor Tom Arnold agrees and told Fox news, “There’s a whole group of young Republicans in California who are like Democrats.” [i.e., pro-abort & sodomy-sanctioning. What good is a “win” if you end up with the same baby-killing/sodomy platform? Is it really only about $$$?] Christians who voted for Schwarzenegger must repent and join pro-family citizens across the state to minimize the damage. See www.savecalifornia.com. Let the rest of us learn from CA’s mistake! Candidates who promote evil disqualify themselves from consideration, especially if they call themselves Catholic. Never vote for them! It offends God.

***While we’re fighting for the faith let’s hear it for the rank and file of the United Auto Workers (UAW). Catholic World News reported in September that union bosses planned to force car manufacturers to offer insurance coverage for abortion and contraception. A workers’ uprising ensued with angry phone calls to UAW headquarters and a pro-life petition circulating among outraged members. The union abandoned the controversial proposal but, according to news reports, UAW president Ron Gettelfinger was furious that plans were leaked to the press. [Let’s offer a prayer of thanksgiving to the workman’s patron, dear St. Joseph, and to the angel of God who sprang the leak. May they intercede for all UAW members who fought for the lives of the innocent.]

***More good news from good workers! Builders in Austin, TX have banded together to stop construction of a $6.2 million Planned Parenthood office. Chris Danze, who chairs the Austin Area Pro-Life Concrete Contractors and Suppliers Association has rallied over seventy business owners to boycott the building project. "We're going to do everything we can to stop it, slow it down and make it more expensive," he promised saying no concrete supplier within 60 miles of Austin has agreed to supply materials or labor to the project. [St. Vincent Ferrer, patron of builders, intercede for these champions of Christ.]

***Then there’s the goofball in Austin. Just when we think we’ve reached the outer limits, another alien beams down. Austin’s TV Channel 8 reported recently that Jeanne Daniels, owner of Austin’s Tarrytown Courtyard Shopping Center and a member of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has mandated that no mall tenant may sell meat or animal products. A Chinese restaurant and a French bread bakery have moved. The shoe repair shop no longer carries leather goods and the liquor store dropped caviar from its gift baskets. Holiday House, a 50-year local landmark, famed for its charbroiled burgers, is next to go along with a bridal shop. A bridal shop? Yup! When ants invaded the store, maintenance said they’d have to “relocate” the little critters rather than exterminate. [A hearty thanks to Jeanne. Her idiocy may wake up Americans to the impact of neo-pagan animal worship on daily life. We humbly suggest all sacred ants and roaches in Tarrytown be relocated to Davis’ house where she can worship them to her heart’s content. Look for a name change from Tarrytown to Ghost Town as businesses exit rather than co-exist with mice, rats, ants, and roaches. Yuck!]

***Brown wrappers for greeting cards? Checked out the “humorous” cards in the greeting card aisle lately? We’re not talking about the adult bookstore, but your local family pharmacy. Dirty jokes are the norm and they’re getting more explicit. Check ‘em out and complain to management. Your kids read this stuff. If cows browse in the onion patch it spoils the milk. If kids browse in filth it corrupts the heart.

***VA Tax $$ at work: Sex TV at Tech! In September, VA Tech’s TV show, Sex Talk, went live and interactive with 500 students in Colonial Hall. Show hosts initiated “games” including an interactive fake orgasm competition [unh…ooo…ahh…eek!] and sexual position charades. [Please, don’t try this at home. Injury may result.] Prizes too: sex toys [That should raise grades.], blow up dolls, etc. Jarrett Henshaw, a senior communications major and co-host [In prep for Jerry Springer replacement?] said, “It was a good opportunity for us to connect with our fans.” [Uh…Connect? Dare we ask?] The next show scheduled for Nov. 12 promises to have more prizes. [Gift certificates for local brothels? Keys to girls’ dorm rooms? No wonder VA schools are giving out the morning-after pill!] Call Tech’s President [see action box.] to protest your taxes dollars going to corrupt the young.

***While we’re on the morning after pill, Les Femmes tried to run our open letter to the Governor and school presidents (see Vol. 8 #2 Summer 2003) as an ad in the Arlington Catholic Herald. Certainly, this is a major issue for Catholic parents who want to protect their children from the medical and emotional devastation of abortion. After we waited two weeks to see if it was “too political,” [It wasn’t.] the ad was refused, but obviously not for content, since Editor Mike Flach ran an excellent editorial on the issue shortly after. No one we spoke to in the advertising department could tell us who banned the ad, attributing the decision to the “powers that be” rather than anyone on the staff. [Gosh…who are they?] The Herald frequently runs articles about Social Action Linking Together (SALT), a group whose website reads like a who’s who of pro-abort politicians. But the gentlewomen of Les Femmes may not even PAY for an ad. Parishes can advertise dissenters like Monika Hellwig, but the Women of Truth are censored in our own Catholic paper. [We are truly grieved and mourn this unhappy turn of events. It seems to bear out Dietrich von Hildebrand’s statement, “The drivel of the heretics, both priests and laymen, is tolerated; the bishops tacitly acquiesce to the poisoning of the faithful. But they want to silence the faithful believers who take up the cause of orthodoxy, the very people who should by all rights be the joy of the bishops’ hearts, their consolation, a source of strength for overcoming their own lethargy.”]

***Take heart, good news from the north! We can look to Canada again – for inspiration! Fr. Marshall Beriault, associate pastor of Precious Blood parish in Scarborough, Ontario preached on September 21st against pornography and sexual immorality. He referred to recent legislation, (i.e. Canada’s legalization of same-sex marriage) saying, “As a learned historian, Dr. J.D. Unwill, tells us that the destruction of morals led to the death of many societies, over 80 of them,” Father told the congregation. “Unwill stated, ‘Every civilization is established and consolidated by observing a strict moral code and is maintained while this strict code is kept and decays when sexual license is allowed.’” Citing the state’s obligation to legislate against moral evils Father Beriault said, “Fr. Jim (the pastor) and I…are prepared to go to jail to tell the truth and the teachings of Christ…If we are not fighting now we are submitting to the evil that will destroy us and our children. We cannot serve two masters. Either we serve Jesus and His teachings or we follow the devil.” [Bravo to this 77-year-old lion of God. Imagine the sermons in his igloo church in the Canadian gulag!]

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