Reader Laments Loss of Modesty
Having attended the Jan. 12 meeting at All Saints parish in Manassas, VA, I wish to offer a few comments about Good Touch Bad Touch. Thirty-eight years ago, after Vatican II, A silence fell over the church…the first victim of that silence was the key virtue of modesty. There lies the root cause of the current crisis, for modesty is the guardian of purity. It is like the wall that guards a castle…. If the wall is breached, the castle falls, and all the virtues inside fall with it. The shepherds stopped talking about modesty, and modesty went out the window. Chastity and purity followed right behind. Holiness gradually faded and sin was in.

This gradual unchecked transformation…from an atmosphere of holiness to an atmosphere of sin, has brought us to the crisis we face today. We no longer …[keep] our wicked passions in check.

When the women of a country are virtuous the country is strong, but as the moral standards of women declined as they have in this country, the morals of men also fled and our society became sick – sick with the evils of promiscuity, contraception, abortion, homosexuality, etc. And throughout all this time the shepherds remained silent: silent - as Roe v. Wade became the ultimate form of child abuse; silent as dissenters spewed their poisonous heresy in our churches, schools and colleges; silent as the Texas sodomy law was struck down last year; silent – and the list goes on and on…

GTBT plays right into the hands of the homosexual agenda by giving them another means of corrupting our youth using the framework of Holy Mother Church…all in the name of "protecting the child.” The GTBT program is doomed to failure because it does not address the real issue; and that issue is the infestation of the church, at all levels, by homosexuals. The only solution to this crisis is to clean house from top to bottom. The cancer must be cut out and the church and its members must return to that atmosphere of holiness we once had. The shepherds and pastors of souls must preach the truth, all of it, not just what is popular or convenient but all of it. The deadly silence must end.

St. Maria Goretti did not have GTBT, but she did have innocence, purity and holiness, and those virtues were her protection. She knew what to do. She said "NO" and in doing so gained the crown of eternal glory.

For the sake of our children, we must cry out with a loud and clear "NO" to Bad Touch for there is nothing good about it.

Jim Baltrinic        
Front Royal, VA

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