Les Femmes


1. Does your child’s school have sex ed? Read Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality and fight every sex ed program no matter how it’s labeled, especially those that violate the latency period, about age 5 to puberty. Safe environment “touching” programs are insidious. Keep them off your children.

2. Order Stop the Sacrilege buttons from Mission Sun (see cover). Send one to your bishop with a letter asking him to apply canon law 915 to pro-abortion politicians and other public sinners defying Church teaching and creating public scandal. Find your bishop’s address online at www.usccb.org.

3. Pray for VA state delegate Bob Marshall who is a target of the sodomy lobby for sponsoring House Bill 751, the Marriage Affirmation Act, which forbids making same-sex unions equivalent to marriage. Thank Bob and send a donation to 7930 Willow Pond Ct., Manassas, VA 20111. See our website (Action alert) for more info.

4. Write to and to your senators and local Congressman asking them to vote yes on the Federal Marriage Amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman. A vote is scheduled for the week of July 12 so act ASAP. If you need contact info for your senators and congressman go to www.congress.org.

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