Reader Invites Consideration of Catholic School
I would like to introduce you and your readers to Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy, an orthodox Roman Catholic school, faithful to the Holy Father and Magisterium This Fall will be our third year in operation. Our mission is to continue the work of Holy Mother Church in her role as teacher of the faithful and to supplement and extend the work of Catholic parents in their role as primary educators of their children. We offer small classes, high academic standards, and a strong spiritual atmosphere. The Rosary and Angelus are prayed daily, and both students and teachers attend Mass once a week at Christendom College.

Parents, if you are searching for a sound orthodox Catholic environment for your son or daughter, or if you are looking to make a change from home schooling to a traditional school environment, please consider us. We are currently accepting applications for the 2004 - 2005 school year for grades 7 – 10, but will consider a 6th grade student if he or she is a top student and can do 7th grade work. An entrance examination is required. For more information please contact Mrs. Julie Baltrinic at 540-635-9890, Fax 540-635-8822 or e-mail us at olswa@shentel.net. Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy is located in the Diocese of Arlington, 65 miles west of Washington D.C., near Christendom College, in the Linden - Front Royal area. Jim Baltrinic
Front Royal, VA

Read Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality
Many Catholic schools have sex ed programs. However, they refer to them as family development, chastity education, child abuse, or fertility awareness. Strange how we are told these programs are so good and so necessary, but dioceses are reluctant to make known the names of programs and location of schools where they are given! Since none of these classroom programs are acceptable according to Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality, perhaps it would be a good idea to suggest to the readers of Les Femmes to get a copy of the document from the Daughters of St. Paul so they know their rights. Also suggest Mother’s Watch to obtain names and critiques of programs.
I enjoy reading Les Femmes. Keep up the good work.
E. H. Bethesda, MD

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