Virginia Bishops Help Defeat HB 112, Personhood of Preborn Children

Shame on the two Virginia bishops whose lobby arm was used to help defeat a bill recognizing the personhood of preborn children. These two bishops, Paul S. Loverde of Arlington and Francis DiLorenzo of Richmond, constantly lobby against the death penalty under all circumstances and in favor of more state aid for illegal immigrants, but could not stand up for the fundamental right to life of the innocent baby in the womb. . . more

Bishops' Lenten Appeals: Let them practice what they preach!

The big push for the diocesan Bishop's Lenten Appeal was today. It actually was scheduled for last week, but, with all the snow, the pastor postponed if for a week. Other parishes probably did the same. That meant, of course, that the bishop's homily didn't match the readings for the day, but after making all those CDs.... more

Continuing Christian Development Institute

Can Reform Come?
The January 7-13 2010 issue of the Catholic Herald advertised the winter classes for CCDI. One is being taught by Fr. Gerard Sloyan one of the architects that decimated the faith of millions of Catholic youngsters by training teachers in the "new catechetics." Read all about how he did it here.

Arlington, VA - Arlington Pastor Removed From Post After Arrest
Authorities said some obscene acts on federal land along the GW Parkway in Arlington landed a priest in jail. The alleged incident took place in June, but the Catholic Diocese of Arlington is just finding out about it. Franciscan friar the Rev. John J. Marino, 52, has spent time in jail, lost his post as pastor at St. Francis of Assisi and is barred from several parks .... more

Arlington, VA - Sex Expert Is Bad Choice for Priests' Convocation
A major factor in the U.S. bishops' mishandling of priestly sex abuse was their reliance on a clique of "experts" whose psycho-sexual babble subverted the truth. Many of those "experts" have links to Alfred Kinsey whose experimental data was gathered using pedophiles and criminals who raped and molested little children including infants. To read Judith Reisman's expose of Kinsey is to see the diabolical in action. .... more

Arlington, VA - Salt for Their Wounds - St. Luke Institute & Fr. Rosetti
One of the problems with the bishops is the "experts" on whom they rely. This month in the Diocese of Arlington, Bishop Paul Loverde is bringing in Fr. Steve Rosetti, head of the St. Luke Institute, to conduct a MANDATORY workshop for priests. While the article below was written in 1997 there is little indication that things at St. Luke have changed .... more

Diocese Watch

Les Femmes searching for Shepherds to defend the flock.
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