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Arlington, VA - Arlington Pastor Removed From Post After Arrest
Authorities said some obscene acts on federal land along the GW Parkway in Arlington landed a priest in jail. The alleged incident took place in June, but the Catholic Diocese of Arlington is just finding out about it. Franciscan friar the Rev. John J. Marino, 52, has spent time in jail, lost his post as pastor at St. Francis of Assisi and is barred from several parks .... more

Arlington, VA - Sex Expert Is Bad Choice for Priests' Convocation
A major factor in the U.S. bishops' mishandling of priestly sex abuse was their reliance on a clique of "experts" whose psycho-sexual babble subverted the truth. Many of those "experts" have links to Alfred Kinsey whose experimental data was gathered using pedophiles and criminals who raped and molested little children including infants. To read Judith Reisman's expose of Kinsey is to see the diabolical in action. .... more

Arlington, VA - Salt for Their Wounds - St. Luke Institute & Fr. Rosetti
One of the problems with the bishops is the "experts" on whom they rely. This month in the Diocese of Arlington, Bishop Paul Loverde is bringing in Fr. Steve Rosetti, head of the St. Luke Institute, to conduct a MANDATORY workshop for priests. While the article below was written in 1997 there is little indication that things at St. Luke have changed .... more

Louisville, KY - St. William Church Makes Archdiocese of Louisville a Laughingstock Dear Ms. Benton, I happened to visit your website and really enjoyed reading all the interesting items. I am, however, still trying to figure out exactly what denomination you are. I thought St. William was a Catholic Church, but I must have been mistaken. .... more

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN - If High Ranking Priests Don't Resign Dirty Laundry will be Publicly Aired During Lent It seems like all hell is breaking loose in the archdiocese of St. Paul - Minneapolis.  In recent weeks 27 priests signed a petition against Archbishop Harry Flynn's backing for a measure to protect the traditional definition of marriage . .... more

Richmond, VA - Does Bishop DiLorenzo Pass the Smell Test? Last January Bishop Francis DiLorenzo of Richmond was notified that Catholic Charities had scheduled an abortion for a sixteen-year-old in their care for the next day. He did nothing to stop it. Why? His advisors told him there was nothing he could do and he meekly complied. .... more

Tucson, AZ - Holy Family Society letter to Bishop Gerald Kicanas, Diocese of Tucson and Bishop William Skylstad, President USCCB Can you see the baby Jesus lying in the manger? Can you see His tiny little body and His innocent little wide eyes looking up at you? Can you see the Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph raising Him up in God’s ways, teaching Him, working with Him as He grew from that tiny little baby into a toddler, and through the various stages of His life until He became a young man? What graphic names do you suppose they taught Him about His body parts? .... more


A Commentary on the Bishops' November 2004 Meeting
The U. S. bishops' November meeting ended yesterday. In line with the unbroken tradition of the Vice President rising to the post, Bishop William Skylstad of Spokane, Washington was elected to succeed Wilton Gregory as head of the USCCB. more

Bishops Speak on Giving Communion to Manifest Public Sinners

A Twelve Step Program for Bishops
Bishop Rene Henry Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, offers twelve simple rules enabling bishops to effectively remedy the continuing scandal of Catholics publicly bearing false witness to the teaching of the Church.

A Pastoral Letter On the Duties of Catholic Politicians and Voters
Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs has issued a pastoral letter stating that American Catholics should not receive Communion if they vote for politicians who defy church teaching by supporting abortion rights, same-sex marriage, euthanasia or stem-cell research.

Bishop Michael J. Sheridan Responds to His Critics
Bishop Sheridan doesn't back down: Pro-abortion politicians are no worse than the pro-abortion voters who elect them to office.

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