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Arrivederci, Archbishop Burke - June 28, 2008
In a letter to Archbishop Raymond Burke, members of the Catholic Media Coalition expressed their deep gratitude and best wishes to a cleric they called, “A bishop after God’s own heart.” more

Review of Expelled: No Intelligence Required - April 23, 2008
Mary Ann Kreitzer reviewsBen Stein’s Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed more

Open Letter to Bishop Loverde and the Priests of the Arlington Diocese" - January 10, 2008
Dr. Anthony Tambasco of Georgetown University is scheduled to speak at Good Shepherd Church in Alexandria on January 22nd at 7:30 p.m. His topic is "The Dead Sea Scrolls, the Gnostic Gospels, and the Gospel of Judas: How Authentic is the Bible?"  more

Catholic Media Coalition Asks Connecticut Bishops to Rescind Approval of Abortifacient Plan B, the "Morning After Pill" - October 8, 2004
In a letter to the Catholic Bishops of Connecticut sent October 4, the national Catholic Media Coalition (CMC) begged the bishops to rescind their recent approval to dispense the abortifacient drug Plan B to rape victims at Catholic hospitals in the state. more

Catholic Media Coalition to Pres. and Gov. Bush: “Save Terri Schiavo” - March 22, 2005
The Catholic Media Coalition calls on President George Bush and Florida Governor Jeb Bush to take Terri Schiavo into immediate federal and/or state protective custody and have her feeding tube reinserted. more

The Election's Over, Our Work is Just Beginning - November 4, 2004
When the major media report that the moral issues were the pivot point for the 2004 election, you know the winds are changing. more

Statement of Catholic Media Coalition Responding to Florida Supreme Court Ruling that “Terri’s Law” is Unconstitutional - September 24, 2004
The Catholic Media coalition denounces the Florida Supreme Court’s decision released September 23 declaring “Terri’s Law” unconstitutional. The court’s action sets the stage to allow Michael Schiavo, Terri’s husband, to remove his wife’s feeding tube for the third time ...more

Woodstock, VA - Terri Schiavo and Church Teaching at Risk
The Catholic Media Coalition, a group of Catholic journalists, writers, and web site hosts, issued a statement today deploring the action taken by 55 self-proclaimed “leading bio-ethicists” who signed an amici curiae brief siding with Michael Schiavo .... more

Woodstock, VA - Les Femmes Calls Bishops to Live in Real World: Target Priests for Programs, not Children
Les Femmes, a group of Catholic activists in the Diocese of Arlington, called on Arlington Bishop Paul S. Loverde today to scuttle plans to implement classroom touching programs for young children. .... more

Woodstock, VA - Open Letter to the United States Catholic Bishops: Keep “Touching” Programs Off Our Children
Many dioceses have in place or are planning “safe environment” classroom programs for children from kindergarten through sixth grade. Parents oppose this for good reason. .... more


Nothing's Changed at the Catholic Campaign for Human Development - The shell game continues at the U.S. bishops' conference. Don't believe the empty promises about reforming the leftwing "charity." BOYCOTT CCHD!...more

Persecuted Priest Needs Your Help - On August 5, 2005 Bishop Paul Loverde suspended Fr. Joseph Clark without notice and without serious cause. Why? On Sunday, July 24 Fr. Clark celebrated the 11:00 a.m. Mass at Holy Family Church in Dale City assisted by a permanent deacon who committed serious liturgical abuses in handling the Precious Blood....more

Good People of America, Defend Terri Schiavo! - This heartfelt plea for Terri's life coming from one who is disabled points up where we are going if Terri is killed. The T4 euthanasia program in Germany was begun, not by the Nazis, but by doctors and the courts....more

Delegate Dick Black Asks for Assistance to Stop "Gay Adoption - Protect Kids Now - January 30, 2005
This year, homosexual groups are very organized. They have flooded Richmond offices with e-mails and descended upon Richmond to lobby a radical homosexual agenda. ...more

Arlen Spector MUST NOT become Chairman of the Judiciary Committee! - November 4, 2004
The euphoria we felt Tuesday night and Wednesday morning was cut short by the outrageous remarks made by newly reelected Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter at his press conference on Wednesday. Specter warned President Bush "to be mindful of the considerations which I am mentioning." The "considerations ...more

I received the following message today (June 22, 2004) from a great pro-life Catholic state delegate. (Yes, Virginia, there are some real Catholic politicians who receive the Eucharist with reverence and believe and practice what the Church teaches.) Bob is under assault from the sodomy lobby who want the government to sanction their diseased ...more

An Urgent Message from VA State Delegate Bob Marshall on the Morning After Abortion Pill
There is something wrong when Planned Parenthood, Att. Gen. Jerry Kilgore, and Gov. Mark Warner agree that colleges can distribute so-called “Emergency Contraception” really, Morning Abortion Pills, to campus co-eds without telling them .... more

Les Femmes searching for Shepherds to defend the flock.
Joan of Arc
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